Paula Gallagher

Paula Gallagher CHC

Vice President Business Development & Strategic Alliances

Paula Gallagher has more than 20 years of experience leading sales, marketing and business development efforts in diverse industries including food, beverage and healthcare. In 2016, she joined the leadership team of qrcAnalytics to put her passion to work for improving quality, lowering costs and reducing risk for healthcare organizations. Paula excels at working with partners and resources to achieve success for clients. She specializes in helping IDNs, CINs and ACOs achieve top financial and operational performance.

Previously, she was the Founder and Co-President of Veragae, LLC, a healthcare consulting business, and held leadership positions with multinational manufacturing organizations.

Paula earned her Bachelor’s degree from Barat College of DePaul University. She completed course work in Population Health Policy and is a Certified Health Coach from The Dr. Sears Wellness Institute.