COVID-19 Offer of Support

In an effort to do our part in the face of the Coronavirus pandemic, qrcAnalytics is offering a free analysis report targeting COVID -19 comorbid conditions. This report will assist you in identifying your members at high risk for mortality due to the COVID-19 virus and their existing comorbid conditions.

Using data from various authorities, including the WHO (World Health Organization) and a recent study known as the China fact-finding mission, we will analyze your current data to identify patients with these comorbid conditions who are at increased risk for an adverse outcome. These studies show that mortality increases for cases with patients with advanced age or underlying conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic lung disease such as COPD, cancer and hypertension.

Our belief is that this analysis report may help your organization anticipate current and future demands should this pandemic continue to spread. Included in this analysis is support for outreach for high-risk patients.

If you are interested in this free service, please contact us at for more information to start this process.

Our hope is that together we can fight this and come out a stronger, healthier nation.

Be well,

The qrcAnalytics Team

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